The Centre has afforded me an excellent opportunity for constructive spiritual change in my life. I am finally learning to meditate and this is a wonderful enrichment and healing opportunity. The Centre brings forward a great deal of information through lectures, handouts, book suggestions, videos and emails that otherwise would not be readily available. The camaraderie of the class is nurturing, supportive and encouraging. It also provides an opportunity to expand our "friendship horizons" to encompass so many others who share our ideals, visions and missions. It is a privilege to be a member of this Centre.

Through The Centre for Transformation, I have had some of my most empowering experiences and insights of my life. I would recommend The Centre for Transformation for anyone who is seeking, seeking a “knowing” of how powerful they truly are, a seeking of a life of clarity. 
I  AM Karen    

Studying at the Centre for Transformation I not only was able to discover my purpose in life, I learned a process of achieving it!
I  AM Barry

Attending The Centre has been a life empowering experience for me. Every class challenges me to be all that I can be and provides me with new incentive to access my divine.  I consider myself very privileged to be able to attend. 
I  AM Terry  

 The teachings have literally changed my life. They fill my heart and lift my spirit so high – I am truly grateful to this beautiful, loving and supportive community. I don’t know where I would be now if I hadn’t found The Centre – Thank You! 
I  AM Melanie

My Husband was in the centre first. I saw the incredible changes about him as a person, husband, friend etc. Our life changed for the better, then I decided to join The Centre, to become more involved not only to change my life, but change the whole world. Participating in classes I can see my life from a different perspective and I wish everyone should have a dance for that. 
I  AM Dagmara 

I will always remember how I felt the first time I was introduced to the Centre back in 2004. I am so glad I listened to my heart and joined. I had been searching for quite some time for the reason why I felt so anxious. Since I joined the school I have found the peace within that I had been looking for. I have learned so much about myself and I rejoice at being alive! I love the way Zale teaches and especially how much fun we have. I love how he guides us to find our own answers and to not take everything he says as the only truth. The information given always touches me and helps me grow as a person.  I have had life altering experiences that prove to me how important it is to go within and connect with my divine. I have also found a beautiful friendship with many students in the school that are so special. I highly recommend the Centre for Transformation to anyone who is searching for something more than the hustle and bustle of everyday life.

The Centre for Transformation has taught me many levels of awareness but the most profound is the strength I have discovered with my inner Self. I now know that I have amazing inner strength that leads me to a much fuller life with less stress and more joy.  Everyday life is an adventure just waiting to be discovered. I look at life now through innocence, like the eyes of a child - in constant wonder and amazement. The teachings and the practices work! Thank-you Zale, for going before, gathering this information and sharing it with us.

The teachings imparted by Zale have been life altering  and have given me methods and ways to discover my Self not only in a deep profound sense but in a light-hearted, joyful sensibility as well. I gave thanks in many ways before, but now the gratitude I feel for everything (challenges and joys) is as consistent as the air that I breathe. What a gift. I cannot express in words what the meditation has given me. my day-to-day life will never be the same. The courage, the knowingness, and the peace were always there, and now through meditation I AM one with it! It is rare to experience a social connection with such a variety of people.                         

Drop In Meditation Classes

Meditation is my go to feel good place. Thank you The CFT for introducing it to me. When life gets overwhelming I now know exactly what I need to do for myself. 

It has been very empowering to find a whole new type of life experience. I am astounded at the many benefits that meditation has brought to my life. I have found a new best friend - me.  I could never thank you enough for teaching me how to meditate. Thank you CFT.


When life makes no sense, no matter how hard you try, come to The Centre for Transformation. With deep patience, Infinite Divine Love and lots of laughter, you will find your way to connect with your Higher Self and it will all make sense, now and all-ways.
I AM Lesa

"For much of my life I have been searching and exploring different aspects of my spirituality. So much of what I heard felt theoretical rather than authentic. This feels real. For years I have said “I want to live with my feet on the ground and my head in the clouds (spirit) at the same time” I learned about The Centre it became clear that this was a place I could finally learn to do that. I am so grateful to have found the Centre for Transformation. " 
 I  AM Sylvia B

“I am so grateful for the leaps and bounds I have made since joining The CFT. I had huge breakthroughs at both retreats, I look forward and am excited to go home and put what I have learned to use in my everyday life. So honoured to be a part of this group with amazing souls.”
  I AM  Christina

Full time CFT membership Testimonials 

Each and every time I attend I have amazing shifts and get recharged to live my truth. It is such a blessing to have the support of  a loving and open community. Things make more and more sense as I invest my time in these retreats & classes. Well worth the commitment. Thank you!

The depth of the Teaching is so immense. It's tough to put into words, but I know it has changed my life.
  I  AM JAY 

I am so grateful for the leaps and bounds that I have made since joining The Centre. I had huge breakthroughs at both [Advanced Community] retreats I look forward and am excited to go home and put what I've learned to use in my everyday life. So honoured to be a part of this group with such amazing souls.
I AM Christina

The Centre is a wonderful experience, truly teaches you to love your Self and put that love above all else. I really enjoy the retreats, they are my re-start button. Never before have I experienced seeing the big picture so clearly. The Advanced Live Community has brought such perspective and deep clarity for me. I am so grateful for the education. I see life through new eyes! I am forever grateful for the clarity.

I thank you from the bottom of my heart for establishing the Centre for Transformation. It is the perfect way to fast track a person's spirituality  with all the materials and instruction Zalè provides. He makes it an extremely interesting and fun exploration. I recommend this Centre to anyone who is truly committed to their spiritual growth. They will find a significant improvement in their life and in their own search for God, as have I.

I am so grateful to sit amongst this group of people who see me clearly in all my strength & weakness and they still love me - It helps me see myself more clearly. I leave empowered every time.
I  AM Jaycee.

“ I never cease to be amazed by the grace of the unfoldment of the teachings, even after all of these years. There is always something new to learn, new perceptions to gain, new transformations to experience. How does anybody do life without these teachings and these experiences?”
  I AM Lesa  




Awakening Series

There is no need for explanation of the impact (the) CFT has had on my life, my friends witness first hand the better change in me. 
IAM Cheryl 

(SA Classes) it has helped me be more real and honest with myself and others and am learning to love and accept myself more. I am also learning more and more how to let go of judgements on myself and other and I am very thankful for that.
IAM Celia

The awakening classes have taken me to a new level of awareness in my spiritual journey. 
I  AM Curtis

SA 1 & 2 have been absolutely life changing. I'm learning how to calm my monkey mind, calm my body of 10 + years of physical/pain. 
I AM Diana

So many truths and knowledge were given so lovingly. I HAVE been blessed with love and teachings that have touched me in such a powerful way.
I  AM Susan

The class has really helped me to organize all these things that I believe in ( Spiritual) in my mind & to feel safe being open-hearted. 
I  AM Rhonda

Very positive, (and) informative. I enjoyed the format. Good group of people. 
I  AM Diane C

"Total shift, life transformation. Put me back in the driver's seat."
 I AM P Meyer

"That these classes have really allowed me to get connected with my Self, which has given me a new way of approaching my life."
I AM Ranee

"I can handle stress easier. I have amore positive view of life." 
I AM Samantha

The SA classes have allowed me to connect to "Self" on a level I didn't even know existed. It has brought me calmness, peace, clarity and restored my zest for life.
I AM Chris

Astonished how many layers are peeled/exposed to you through the Transformation. What a release of the non-sense that seems to take over our divine true purpose in life. To connect. 
I AM Amber

I found the classes to be very fulfilling and energizing. The warmth and collaboration of everyone was welcoming, the guidance was valuable and encouraging. 
I AM Shane

I feel a lot calmer and have a better headspace for sure. Dealing with daily stresses has become easier as there have been fewer.
I AM Colleen

I am in the process, through these classes, of learning to love myself. What a gift!
I AM Beverly

Very impactful. Life changing and deeply profound. These classes provide tools that create deep transformation.
 I AM Jeynna

Full time CFT membership Retreat Testimonials 

Life transforming retreat! I would not have wanted to miss it. The beautiful teaching on quantum mechanics, the fibonacci sequence fitted perfectly with the exercises and disciplines we participated in. As a new mom to be soon, I feel filled up with love and courage to not only create the birth of my dreams, but also continue my journey of living in love and peace during the next chapter of my life. I thank my Teacher and the community as a whole to help me believe in myself!  
I AM Sanne

Attending CFT Retreat is an experience like NO other, what I learn here is not taught anywhere that I know of... but definitely should be. I feel more evolved as a Spiritual Being and learning new tools to help me grow and advance 
I AM Ruth

This retreat was honestly like a rebirth for me. So many breakthroughs, so much clarity. A beautiful and gentle way to help me see where I am still caught or holding myself back, along with the tools and a path to grow bigger than my issues. Really, who could ask for anything more? This is the way to my heart and my Divine :) .
I AM Lesa

I absolutely love these events truly, where else can one go, be absolutely vulnerable and authentic and be received and witnessed with so much love :) Its like coming home every time. 
I AM Nattalia

This retreat truly transformed my life. I am surprised at the breakthroughs as I had some major scotomas that I got to see and received the keys to getting beyond them as well. I am so grateful I can't even describe it.
I  AM Ziterah 

The Self journey just keeps getting better each time. It is life changing and is used in all areas of my life. It has advanced my career, my connection with my children and the best part is I enjoy life everyday and can't wait for the next day to begin. Thank you!
I AM Deb

As with every retreat the more you put into it the more you get out of it. The teaching is getting more powerful all the time and the quantity and quality of the breakthroughs keeps going up all the time! 
I AM Terry

The power of time in nature combined with the teachings and the love of a conscious group just puts these retreats over the top, nothing like them!
I AM Jay

This weeklong retreat really helped me open my eyes and my heart to where I am at in life. I have gained the tools and experiences to help me to love my Self at a deeper level. I am excited to go home after retreat and continue to create magical moments in my day and live my life to the fullest, become all I can be through staying in integrity and unconditional love. I am excited to live my truth. 
 I AM Sanne

“The Spiritual Awakening Classes are just the beginning. At retreat we enter an entirely new realm that will challenge even the most advanced soul.”
I AM Deanna