Meet Two of our Facilitators

The CFT  team consists of Zalè, the founder of the CFT, and a team of Centre Coaches. Zalè lectures at our breakfast classes and leads the advanced live community events (including our full day classes, half day classes and retreats).  The Centre Coaches facilitate all webinars and classes for our online and live communities.

 Lesa George  BEng, MBA, Certified Centre Coach and Certified Life Coach  

One of Lesa’s colleagues describes her as “an individual who is genuine and warm towards those she meets.  Her clarity and perspective on challenges is refreshing.  A person who makes relationships with great ease, Lesa is committed to ensuring the betterment of those she meets and those who receive her expertise.”  These attributes have been trademarks of her career and are the foundation of her approach to coaching.

In addition to being a Certified Centre Coach, Lesa is a certified Life, Wellness and Executive Coach.  Her life and career experiences add a particular richness and depth to the level of care she provides clients.   Lesa is a VP with a web-based firm and thoroughly enjoys the daily opportunity to practice a calm, conscious way of being in a fast-paced work environment.  She also serves on the Board of Directors of two firms and volunteers her time in community organizations.

Lesa treasures every moment of all the years she has spent studying and practicing with The Centre for Transformation.  For her, there is nothing that compares to deepening one’s ties with the Divine Intelligence of the universe and coming to understand one’s life purpose.


Michael Koch
BScPharm, CDE, Certified Centre Coach 

Michael studied at the University of Saskatchewan where he obtained a Bachelor of Science degree in Pharmacy. Being a pharmacist (and recently certified diabetes educator and certified injector), he has dedicated the past 20+ years to the health and well-being of others as well as himself.

Shortly into his journey, Michael began to discover that there was ‘something’ missing in his life and in others…a solid spiritual foundation which eventually led him to The Centre for Transformation. 

Being a founding member of the Centre for Transformation for 12 years currently, co-founder of the Certified Centre Coaching program, a Certified Centre Coach and Lifeline Practitioner, Michael enjoys assisting others on their journey towards total health and well-being…in mind, body and spirit.

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