About the cft

Life is a collection of experiences... we would be honoured to be your guide

Mission: To empower individuals by providing
                       knowledge and tools for them to
                       utilize in their daily lives to assist them in
                       achieving their  full potential. 

Vision:     A world where people have the tools to
                      grow beyond their limitations.


                   The Facts

Founded in: 2001

Location: Calgary, AB Canada
                        (events held in various venues)

Who would benefit most from our services?  
                   Everyone! We are here
                   for those looking for new
                  perceptions and personal
                  growth. We are tailored
                  to both those new to            
                  spirituality AND to the
                  advanced spiritual seeker

 We  can assist you  in your journey to 

self actualization 

Choose to Shine Bright