Workshops  & Classes 
to feeD your soul

Powerful wisdom that can transform your life

" The CFT has absolutely transformed my life, it has provided the tools I needed to get through the punches life has thrown my way and an empowerment to thrive beyond my wildest imagination" - Z Loudon


Friday Breakfast Wisdom Classes 

Join us for a 2 hour  drop-in lesson, that includes al a carte breakfast and great discussions!
Wisdom that will resinate with your soul, bringing clarity to some of life's most complicated dynamics. 

Only $25 

Balance Workshop


Looking for a little balance in your life? Take the time to invest in yourself and find a way to increase the effectiveness of your everyday life. 

Spiritual Awakening Series


 Imagine joining a close group of people that get together weekly
to learn proven, empowering techniques that will awaken you to the
meaning of true practical spirituality
An entry level course that is sure to add value to even the advanced seeker's life. 

“I am so grateful for the leaps and bounds I have made since joining The CFT. I had huge breakthroughs at both retreats, I look forward and am excited to go home and put what I have learned to use in my everyday life. So honoured to be a part of this group with amazing souls.”
– Christina

Praises for the Spiritual Awakening Series:
"Total shift, life transformation. Put me back in the drivers seat."
- P Meyer

"These classes have really allowed me to get connected with my Self (Divine self), which has given me a new way of approaching my life." 
- Ranee